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Dear Readers!

Some of you know it already, but especially those of you I did not meet within the last two months might not know yet and I wanted you to know first - before we are going public about this: Onepoint Project will become a commercial open source product.

What does this mean? It basically means that there will be two versions of Onepoint Project:

We think that this will create a win-win situation for everyone: Very small companies and open source project teams will be able to work with the Open Edition at no costs, Onepoint Project will get a much broader installed base and will get really “battle tested” which in turn will benefit our commercial customers which will get an even more stable and reliable product.

Other things which are going on at the moment: We have started to produce a "real" Onepoint Project user guide in English (there will be also a German one in the future), the 06.1 release will be slightly delayed due to additional features and the open source strategy, our new website is online (please check out the comments section), our first business breakfast was a big success (12 attendees, a very interesting discussion, super feedback) and I was finally able to start my weblog "task1" about practical project leadership last week.

Enjoy reading & all the best,

Gerald Mesaric (CEO)


Open Source: Dual Licensing Strategy

As already outlined in the editorial we are going to have a dual licensing strategy for Onepoint Project 06.1, meaning that the upcoming next release will be the first version of the product to be released both under the GPL and under a commercial license. The GPL version will be called the "Open Edition" and will feature a subset of the functionality of the closed-source product which will continue to be named the "Team Edition".

The Open Edition will ship with sufficient features in order that a small project team can plan and control an average project without having to invest in license fees. However, it will not be possible to purchase support for this edition, i.e., Open Edition customers will have to rely on the community for support. We also think that the Open Edition will provide a great way of trying out Onepoint Project on a small project first without the timely limitations of a trial version.

In order to master more complex projects or for getting support and maintenance, customers will want to turn to the Team Edition instead. The overall pricing will be the same as it is today, but we will drop the minimum user limit (1 manager user, 5 standard users) once our online store will be opened.

Delayed: Onepoint Project 06.1

Due to the changes required in order to implement the open source strategy and some new features we are currently adding due to customer requests we will have to delay the shipment of the 06.1 release until at least end of September. One of the more interesting changes will be the possibility to enter and view resource assignments also in hours and not just in percentages which we are currently implementing for a customer test installation.

Decided: Task Behavior

The task behavior problem we outlined in the last report has now been solved: We will stick to our general bottom-up planning and progress tracking approach and change the behavior of tasks in order to be consistent with this strategy. In practice, this means for tasks that it will be possible to enter a base effort, but you will no longer be able to mix tasks and other activities under the same collection activity. The changes will part of Onepoint Project 06.1.


On a private matter I am very happy to announce that my weblog called "task1" is now finally online at and I really hope that all of you will take a look and bookmark the RSS feeds. It is all about practical aspects of project leadership - primarily in medium-sized IT and related businesses. Gerald


A Guide to the New Onepoint Website

By Gerald Mesaric

This time we are "abusing" the comments section for providing some details about our new website which we are very proud of. Personally, I also want to take the opportunity at this point to thank Wolfgang Bartelme of Bartelme Design for his great support and for doing such a tremendously good job on designing our new corporate identity.

Beside the new, more professional look, the Onepoint website got a lot of new functionality and interesting content:

The new website is designed to be dynamic and extensible: Over time we will add even more content, a closed support area for our customers and partners and an online store where you can purchase licenses and renew support contracts. We hope that you will enjoy the new site and maybe you have to the time and provide us with some feedback on how you like it!


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