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Dear Readers!

as we did neither get positive, nor negative feedback regarding our switch to the English language, we will go on in English. This way also our international prospects are able to read the newsletter and being informed about what is going on at OnePoint.

We are sending you this special edition of the OnePoint Report in order to inform you about Service Pack 2 for OnePoint Project 06. Service Pack 2 (SP-2) is important, because it addresses some problems which occurred at our production-level customers -- especially in the area of progress tracking, project costs controlling and session timeouts (please see Section "Adjusting the Session Timeout"). We think that with SP-2 we have now reached a very stable level regarding our first major version of our project leadership software.

There is one problem though which remains unsolved: It is a conceptual problem regarding tasks and progress tracking -- more about this one in the Solution section. We would like to discuss this problem first in detail with our customers before making a decision on how to fix this issue. We will, however, have the problem fixed with the upcoming 06.1 release.

Best regards,

Gerald Mesaric (CEO)


OnePoint Project 06: Service Pack 2

Service Pack 2 (SP-2) marks our most stable and reliable release this far. Beside the issue mentioned below, we are not aware of any other major remaining problems. We suggest that all customers upgrade to SP-2 as soon as possible, because it fixed some issues regarding project (also personnel) costs planning, costs controlling, progress tracking and session timeouts.

SP-2 is the first service pack we really deliver as a "patch", i.e., the package only contains those files which were changed and is intended to be extracted inside the opproject installation directory. Please stop the Tomcat server before installing the service pack. Please note that the service pack is only intended for the Team Edition; if you want to upgrade your demo version you have to download a new demo package from our website.

Important: SP-2 will overwrite your web.xml file located in the WEB-INF directory in order to update the default session timeout. If you have changed the web.xml file you should move or copy it to a save location before unpacking the service pack.

If you are installing OnePoint Project for the first time or you are downloading the demo version you do not need the service pack. All current packages on the website are already upgraded to SP-2. Please take a look at the Download section regarding on how to obtain the new versions.

Adjusting the Session Timeout

When a session timeout occurs, OnePoint Project 06 SP-2 will take you back to the login page and display an appropriate error message. The default session timeout in the previous versions of OnePoint Project was set to 10 minutes, the new default setting starting with SP-2 is 12 hours.

You can adjust the number of minutes a session is going to live after there were no more actions by the user by changing content of the following XML element in the web.xml file located in the WEB-INF directory:


Problems with Tasks and Progress Tracking

While monitoring the progress for the upcoming minor release of OnePoint Project we noticed some conceptual problems regarding tasks and progress tracking. Please note that this problem only exists for real tasks, i.e., activities which are shown in italics in the activity list and do neither have a start, nor a finish date.

The major problem is that if tasks are used as sub-activities of standard activities (those which have start and finish dates) that both the task and the parent activity show up in the my tasks, new work slip and edit work slip views. We are currently investigating different ways to fix this issue, because it is more of a conceptual than a technical problem.

The solution will probably involve making the general behavior of tasks more strict, e.g., most probably we will no longer allow to mix tasks and standard activities as sub-activities of the same collection activity. As a workaround, we suggest that you stay away from tasks if you use progress tracking heavily until release 06.1 which will be due in August.

In any case, we are currently discussing this issue with our customers and we will come up with a solution together shortly.

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