Wurst Stahlbau

A well-known family-owned company uses the entire project management and the corporate strategy in ONEPOINT Projects.

  • Support of corporate development: Implementation of the company strategy and vision with ONEPOINT Projects

  • Clear and self-explanatory: Easy usability for project employees who are not professionally active in the project management environment

  • Flexible through integrations: Connectors to Confluence, Exchange, and Jira enable integrated project planning with ONEPOINT Projects

  • Reduction of effort and costs: Avoiding time-consuming entering of data and complicated maintenance of Excel lists through a single point of truth

The Challenge

For more than 50 years, WURST Stahlbau GmbH has specialized in to the field of steel construction. With more than 240 employees in a production area of around 15,000 square meters, the family-owned company combines all the steel construction competencies.

With the development of individual projects, including manufacturing, assembly, and distribution of steel structures, WURST Stahlbau offers its customers comprehensive services. Accordingly, the company focuses on the project management of small and large projects, with approximately 15 project managers and between 5 and 10 employees per project. The projects range from construction projects to operational and organizational projects structured as programs, multi-projects, and individual projects. However, WURST Stahlbau is recognizing that it needs a more professional approach to project management for its strategic and organizational projects.

Previously, organizational projects lacked clear structures and a common thread. Projects were handled with Microsoft Excel, which led to confusion and increased complexity. Entering and maintaining data involved a great deal of effort and, with the increasing number of Excel lists, led to a lack of transparency in project management.

After WURST Stahlbau had taken precautions to adapt the company structure in 2019, it also found the occasion to optimize project management. In the fall of 2019, the company was looking for software that should support the responsible project managers and their project teams in handling organizational and strategic projects.


The Solution

WURST Stahlbau evaluated several software products in the area of project and portfolio management during the evaluation process. The company searched for a structured tool where they could control all portfolios and utilize resources optimally. The software should also be web-based to be used from anywhere and enable easy integration with the internal infrastructure. Since the projects also include people who are normally not involved in project management, the software should be self-explanatory and user-friendly. Many software providers had already been excluded from the search because the complexity of their products appeared far too complex.

Finally, after a one-month free trial, the company decided to use ONEPOINT Projects. In addition to a well-designed interface, WURST Stahlbau appreciates the software's ease of use with full functionality and the ability to quickly achieve what needs to be achieved. The connectors to Jira, Confluence, and Exchange/Outlook were also decisive because the company can connect them flexibly to ONEPOINT Projects.

The company purchased the Server Enterprise solution for 15 users, including options such as Planning & Controlling, Portfolio Analysis, Program Management, Risk Management, Status Reporting, and Strategic Management. WURST Stahlbau also uses ONEPOINT's connectors to Confluence and Exchange. Subsequently, the company purchased the Jira Connector Option, and the license volume was extended by six more users.

Throughout the entire purchasing process, WURST Stahlbau and ONEPOINT Projects quickly found each other. After an online presentation, the company tested the software intensively and obtained it within one month. With the support of ONEPOINT Projects, the implementation proceeded quickly and without difficulties. In a 3-day introduction workshop, the company learned the optimal handling of the software and the product was implemented according to the individual requirements of WURST Stahlbau.


The Benefit

Today, WURST Stahlbau maps the entire project management of its strategic projects with ONEPOINT. Programs and portfolios are flexibly adapted to individual situations, and different features are used depending on the project. Furthermore, the company now increasingly concentrates on strategic management with the help of ONEPOINT Projects. Thus, the software also makes an essential contribution to the corporate development of WURST Stahlbau.

The company sees the most significant success factor of ONEPOINT Projects in the flexible integration of a wide variety of connectors. Thereby, the connections with Confluence and Exchange represent two of the most significant functions for WURST Stahlbau.

The company is also in the process of introducing Jira as a ticketing system. The software's ease of use and scalability are also critical success factors for the organization.

The top management of WURST Stahlbau is very satisfied with the software and especially appreciates the individual and responsive support of ONEPOINT Projects. The company can well imagine using further services if required.

Heinrich Lange

We were looking for software that is "smart" and with which we can flexibly connect to tools like Confluence, Exchange, and Jira. Today, we map the entire project management and our corporate strategy in ONEPOINT Projects.

Heinrich Lange Head of Department Corporate Organization and Transformation WURST Stahlbau GmbH


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