Thomas Jacob

"I see ONEPOINT as a tool that connects our departments. Development continues to work in Jira and document in Confluence, while project managers simultaneously have quick access to all relevant KPIs."

Thomas Jacob Director Application Segment ipoque GmbH

The benefits at a glance:

Jira & Confluence Connectors

Jira & Confluence

Portfolio Management

Adjustable Transparency

Resource Management

Real-time overview
via Dashboards

Enterprise Agile

in all Departments

Quotation Mark

With ONEPOINT Projects, we can optimally mirror the process landscape of our company.

— Thomas Jacob
Director Application Segment

Rohde und Schwarz Company Firmengebäude ipoque GmbH's location in Leipzig

The Challenge

ipoque, with its offices in Leipzig, Berlin, and Haiger, wanted to supervise the complete life cycle of its process models, from sales to customer support, in one tool. To do so, the company needed a software solution that visualizes aggregated data in real-time and provides different stakeholders with the information they need.

The company's goal was to be able to manage all aspects of this complex system - with transparency on every level.

Together with ONEPOINT, they’ve taken up the challenge.

The Solution

ipoque now manages its customer, service, internal, and organizational projects in ONEPOINT. This includes complex Jira projects linked into multiple portfolios as well as small projects managed in parallel. ipoque regularly tracks its project status and detects delays earlier via the critical path in the Gantt Chart.

According to ipoque, the support of the entire project life cycle is a significant advantage over other software solutions. The company keeps using existing tools such as Jira and Confluence and integrates them with ONEPOINT's bi-directional connectors.

With these integrations, departments can now better communicate with each other. Project managers can likewise monitor KPIs and control risks that are important at every stage of a company's life cycle.

The Benefit

With the project and portfolio management software, ipoque can now mirror complex process models in one tool. This way, stakeholders and managers can access the data needed for their work anytime, allowing them to make more informed decisions about projects.

ipoque has strengthened collaboration between departments, making it easier for everybody to keep track of portfolios and KPIs.

Videokonferenz ipoque ONEPOINT Screenshot


The Gantt chart visualizes the critical path to detect delays


The timeline displays important dates, milestones, work packages and phases

Quotation Mark

ONEPOINT has a unique selling point when it comes to the integration of Jira and Confluence. The tool also supports the entire life cycle, which is great. Our teams can plan and control in all areas, and even our stakeholders can use the software.

— Thomas Jacob
Director Application Segment

ipoque's Favorite Features:

  • Gantt Chart: Visualization of work packages, progress, and dependencies

  • Timeline: Road mapping of different periods

  • Status reports: Customizable reports for each stakeholder

  • Risk assessment: User-defined analysis and assessment of risks

Quotation Mark

We find ONEPOINT ideally suited for controlling since all actual and comparison values are synchronized in real-time. I am always well-informed about the project status.

— Suzana Gorolova
Customer Project Manager

The journey continues: What does the future bring?

First, ipoque wants to include other existing process landscapes in ONEPOINT. Second, the project plans should also involve visions and initiatives. Third, the company wants to monitor the complete product portfolio of projects, services, and initiatives in ONEPOINT Projects.

What ipoque values most about ONEPOINT is its commitment to listening to customer feedback and incorporating it into the software. At this year's ONEPOINT Connect, Ms. Gorolova had the opportunity to submit feature requests – some of them are already on ONEPOINT's roadmap.

To conclude we can say: ONEPOINT's PPM software is constantly growing thanks to our customers' feedback.

Suzana Gorolova

"It felt like Christmas when I saw your roadmap because it included many of our feature requests. We appreciate this commitment."

Suzana Gorolova Customer Project Manager ipoque GmbH


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