Zurich Versicherungs-AG

Z├╝rich Versicherungs-Aktien­gesellschaft

Banking and Insurance

How Z├╝rich Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft manages complex programs and processes with ONEPOINT Projects.

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The challenge

The insurance company is highly developed in process technology and characterized by large programs, complex controlling, and process- and number-based projects. Previous software solutions could not meet these high demands.

The Solution

With ONEPOINT Projects, the insurance company has found a project and portfolio management software to map complex numerical mechanisms and enable precise planning and visualization of data.

The Benefit

Today, over 400 users increase planning accuracy with ONEPOINT Projects and benefit from a single point of truth for documents and templates. In addition, management controls large programs with status reports and status traffic lights, and the users' project time records.

WURST Stahlbau

WURST Stahlbau GmbH


A well-known family-owned company uses the entire project management and the corporate strategy in ONEPOINT Projects.

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The Challenge

The company created strategic and organizational projects only with Microsoft Excel. Entering and maintaining data was time-consuming and led to a lack of transparency and increased project management complexity. Above all, duplicate data entry and discussions about the current versions of the individual Excel tables posed a problem.

The Solution

WURST Stahlbau was looking for a web-based software with which they could control all portfolios and utilize resources optimally. With ONEPOINT Projects, they found a self-explanatory and user-friendly system with which every team member can work in an uncomplicated way.

The Benefit

The integration of connectors for Confluence, Exchange, and Jira in ONEPOINT Projects enable the company to have integrated project management. The software also contributes to corporate development, as strategies and visions are visualized in ONEPOINT Projects.

Heinrich Lange

We were looking for software that is "smart" and with which we can flexibly connect to tools like Confluence, Exchange, and Jira. Today, we map the entire project management and our corporate strategy in ONEPOINT Projects.

Heinrich Lange Head of Department Corporate Organization and Transformation WURST Stahlbau GmbH


Provinzialat der Barmherzigen Br├╝der ├ľsterreich

Health care & Life Sciences

Worldwide operating order optimizes its project planning and controlling in more than ten healthcare institutions in Austria.

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The Challenge

Started projects got closed after a while but were poorly managed and controlled. A customized solution for the Barmherzige Br├╝der's project management did not meet their expectations.

The Solution

ONEPOINT's perennial initiative to achieve an organizational "professionalization of project management" with approved procedures and reports was the right approach. Organizational development + software support = success.

The Benefit

It's effortless for BHB's project managers to create the work breakdown structure. The prioritization of projects can take place in portfolio management. The portfolio management profits from reliable reports, which allow an overview of all portfolios on facility and province-level (i.e., company and holding level).

Dr. Georg Wolf

ONEPOINT gets to the heart of complex project management: Who is working on projects? Which projects are important for us? Where do we stand so far?

Dr. Georg Wolf Head of Qualitiy Management Hospital St. John of God Vienna




A multinational high-tech company standardizes and optimizes its project and portfolio management on an international level.

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Cargo Partner

Travel & Transportation

An international logistic and service provider operating worldwide with the headquarters in Fischamend, Austria, optimizes project overview, increases project transparency and standardizes reporting.

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enowa Austria AG


An international consulting start-up optimizes its project management and offers its clients maximum transparency in customer projects.

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EVVA Sicherheits­technologie GmbH


One of the leading European manufacturers of locking and security technologies optimizes project work across locations and departments, improves progress tracking and secures project know-how.

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Astotec Automotive GmbH

Astotec Automotive GmbH

Automotive industry

A worldwide operating pyrotechnic solutions provider for the automotive and non-automotive industry gains the highest transparency by implementing a "single point of information" and professionalizing its project and portfolio management.

The Challenge

Before ONEPOINT was involved, every other project plan looked different, and sometimes the up-to-dateness of the project plans was not guaranteed. Astotec struggled with non-transparent information, and project data was almost hidden in project directories. The simplest portfolio management was realized via a self-built Access project database only.

The Solution

All portfolio analysis features provided by the Access project database could be realized with ONEPOINT Projects very quickly in the same way. Astotec has received the highest transparency through a stable system. Or, as they call it, "Single Point of Information." The awareness of responsibility for updating project data in the system has increased since its implementation and awareness campaign.

The Benefit

With ONEPOINT Projects, Astotec has a professional system to face future challenges. They see this step to multi-project management as an essential element on their way to digitalization.

DI Mathias Pfl├╝gl

ONEPOINT is our "single source of project data" and gives us the best possible transparency across all projects.

DI Mathias Pfl├╝gl Director of PMO Astotec Automotive GmbH




A nationwide German operating radio broadcast company creates transparency and optimizes its resource allocation and utilization.

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Worthington Cylinders


A worldwide leading vendor of high-pressure steel vessels optimizes project planning, improves project communication, and increases information quality for decisions.

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