A nationwide German operating radio broadcast company creates transparency and optimizes its resource allocation and utilization.

  • A detailed project and resource overview provides actual information as an optimal decision-making basis for the top management

  • The newly won project transparency ensures efficient planning and on-time project execution

  • A clear and detailed planning enables accurate resource forecasts and prevents work overloads

  • Structured task assignments and quick time tracking ensure efficient project progress according to budget

The Challenge

REGIOCAST is a German radio company with subsidiaries in Kiel, Leipzig and Berlin. REGIOCAST features several audio brands, digital and analogue, and holds interests in over 30 radio stations, radio broadcasting marketers and other media companies.

The company was established in 2004, when R.SH (Radio Schleswig-Holstein), the PSR media group and the KOM (associate of several regional radio stations) merged. By now the company has over 450 employees and close to nine million daily listeners.

Project management is an essential part of the REGIOCAST BIT (Broadcast and IT) department’s everyday work. This department manages mainly IT projects. The projects vary widely in size and range from restructuring the email communication of the whole company to the setup of new radio studios. Without a professional project management solution, it was very difficult to keep track of resource utilization and the progress of over 90 projects and to plan new projects properly. It was not uncommon that projects were delayed and therefore the BIT department’s employees had to cope with permanent work overload.

In 2014 a mega-project, the relocation of a radio transmitter, brought the already difficult project management situation to the limits of feasibility. Projects came to a halt and managing projects got even more difficult due to the non-transparent resource utilization. The implementation of a professional project management solution became indispensable.

First, a task management tool should defuse this tense situation. The project contributors were able to organize and handle their work in a more structured way with Kanban boards, but visualizing the resource utilization was still not possible. The desired relief failed to occur and the department had to look for a more complex project management solution.


The Solution

After an intensive web research, several project management solutions were shortlisted. Mr. Axel Felsmann, by now one of the project management officers, tested the free trial version of ONEPOINT Projects extensively.

After a short introduction phase, the user-friendly interface and the clear visualisation of project and resource data appeared convincing. In 2016, the server version of ONEPOINT Projects was officially licenced. The installation went quickly and uncomplicated. During a one-day introduction workshop all other team members in Leipzig had been made familiar with ONEPOINT Projects.

Once the BIT department had become acquainted with ONEPOINT and managed a few projects, another one-day workshop was conducted in Kiel to address the comprehensive functionality of the ONEPOINT “Reports” area. In addition, the resource utilization was further enhanced.

The employees of the BIT department do not only work on projects, they also have to cope with day-to-day business, so first of all, the ideal resource utilization key has to be figured out. At the moment, only 50% of the resource capacity is planned in projects. Consequently, enough time is left to cope with everyday business, absences and sick leaves.


The Benefit

Two years after the implementation of ONEPOINT Projects a PMO has been established and several projects were executed on time.

Since REGIOCAST is working with traditional project management methods, the project managers especially appreciate the intuitive operable and highly visual standards based planning functionality.

The project contributors particularly appreciate the “My Work” area which enables working efficiently thanks to a clear overview of work packages and to-do lists as well as quick time tracking functionality.

The greatest benefit of ONEPOINT Projects is certainly the transparent and highly visual resource management in ONEPOINT.

Already shortly after the implementation of ONEPOINT Projects, an essential improvement of the communication between the BIT department and REGIOCAST’s top management could be identified. The top management was able to see in real-time how long and what the employees of the BIT department were working on.

Through this newly won transparency, the management is now informed about ongoing projects in the best possible way.

The ideal start time for projects can be determined without having to fear work overloads for employees and thereby resulting project delays.

At the beginning of 2018, the resource utilization for the whole year was estimated with ONEPOINT’s “lean” projects. Therefore, it was possible to get a rough overview at the beginning of the year already which and how many projects could be started.

Besides project resource planning, also project creation, project documentation and project controlling could be optimized and standardized. With the portfolio analysis option, the top management of REGIOCAST is now even able to benefit from a clear and consistent overview of the ongoing projects on portfolio level.

Thanks to ONEPOINT, we are finally able to put work packages together without overloading our resources. In addition, due to the simple project planning we found out very quickly that we were lacking the resources for three or four projects that we had initially intended to start this year.