One of the leading European manufacturers of locking and security technologies optimizes project work across locations and departments, improves progress tracking and secures project know-how.

  • More transparency and improved project controlling across different departments and locations

  • More structured and exact task planning and resource management

  • Time tracking and status feedback directly through contributors

  • Improved documentation due to automatic project reports

The Challenge

EVVA is an Austrian family business, and is one of the leading European manufacturers of security technology using both mechanical and electrical systems. EVVA provides integrated total packages to meet the most varied protection requirements. EVVA is a global provider of state-of-the-art access solutions for hotels, office buildings, commercial centers, public buildings, educational facilities, museums, airports, residential buildings as well as logistic, commercial, retail, and industrial premises.

Since 1919 EVVA has been standing out due to innovation and innovative products forming the basis for the long history of success. On the European market the company is represented by 14 subsidiaries in 12 countries.

For this reason cross-departmental and multi-site product development projects are of particular importance.

Besides excellent know-how, experience, and creativity of engineers and designers the planning and handling of such large, company-wide projects is not possible without project and product management on a highly professional level.

For many years EVVA has been continuously striving for strenghtening the project management, carried out comprehensive group trainings and implemented a company-specific project management handbook.

Furthermore, it appeared reasonable to standardize the software used for project management and to choose a product enabling teamwork on projects with up to 50 different contributors and employees across different departments and locations. To support these aims, a project management office is established in the organization development department in order to support the standardization efforts, to secure project know-how and to facilitate reuse.


The Solution

ONEPOINT Projects Enterprise Server was put on the short list because of the positive previous experience made with the free ONEPOINT Projects community version during a firmware development project and due to the prospect of additional optional modules for project controlling, availability scheduling, and risk management. Moreover, the appealing user interface, the central access to project plans and tasks, and the resulting possibility of common concurrent usage were very convincing. Of course, the attractively priced user license model, the short reaction time of the professional user support and the minimal installation effort on the employees’ PCs due to the use of standard browsers were also crucial for the choice.

The predominantly intuitive operation resulted in little training effort. During half and one day training sessions the project team refreshed the relevant project management basics for efficient use, practiced typical cases of the software’s application and reviewed some specific use cases.

Concerns about high additional effort regarding the creation and maintenance of project plans in ONEPOINT Projects as well as some employees’ initial fear of external control quickly disappeared.

Thus, the introduction of the new software was accompanied by a positive and expectant spirit.

In the meantime, up to 80 employees, project and subproject managers are using the ONEPOINT features and appreciate the advantages from handling their tasks to planning and controlling projects. One essential aspect of this is the controlling of the project progress, as can be seen in the included screenshot. Similar views can be found once on the project level and on the activity/task level. These enable a quick overview on the status of a project portfolio or of an individual project or subproject.


The Benefit

After six months of use, ONEPOINT Projects is also being deployed in such areas as research & development, product management, production transition, marketing, sales, service & support, internal IT service, and organization development.

Besides the already mentioned progress tracking on the project level, the increase in transparency across the individual project tasks, their resource assignment and the thus easier coordination are also central parts of this success story. In addition, the time tracking function allows for a more exact documentation of the actual effort and supports the experience-based learning of project managers. By generating reuseable project templates it becomes possible to create more and more reliable project plans for certain subprojects over time.

The benefit of the standardized project management platform becomes also apparent in the simplified project controlling enabled by the controlling option, since project status reports can now be created reliably and quickly at the push of a button. In the medium term, EVVA intends to gradually increase the use of all possibilities for cost planning and cost control and to involve project sales in verifying the functions supporting invoicing for customer projects.

Last but not least, it has become a lot easier to coordinate the project steps across different departments and locations. Not for that reason alone, but also because of other features such as the project checklist, the project pipeline, and risk management ONEPOINT Projects can be described as a coherent and well-balanced project management solution.

At the launch of ONEPOINT Projects the emphasis was to ensure the achievement of the goals „in time“, „in budget“ und „in quality“ for our internal product development projects. With ONEPOINT Projects we came a significant step closer to to this goals, and at the same time we got the chance to learn from our projects in mid term and to become better and better.

Thomas Steininger Division Manager Quality Management & Organizational Development EVVA Sicherheitstechnologie GmbH