A multinational high-tech company standardizes and optimizes its project and portfolio management on an international level.

  • A clear and detailed visualization of project data enables an optimal controlling basis for the project management office

  • The new transparency facilitates detailed and efficient project planning, as well as on-time project closure

  • Detailed portfolio and resource overviews provide up-to-date information for resource forecasts and prevent work overload

  • Budget variances are minimized due to regular controlling of anytime available real-time data

The Challenge

EidosMedia S.p.A. is an Italian software company headquartered in Milan. The company has been established in 1999. By now it has further subsidiaries in London, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Sydney, and SĂŁo Paulo.

EidosMedia’s main product is a multi-publishing-software for the media industry. Besides media, EidosMedia serves also other areas like financial services, the public sector, as well as life science with its specially designed publishing solutions. Its best-known customers are The Washington Post, Le Monde, Deutsche Post or the Financial Times.

Most of the company’s projects are customer IT projects which had been managed with a range of different tools, such as MS Project for project planning, Excel for project controlling, an inhouse developed software for time tracking, and a separate solution for portfolio management.

With its numerous subsidiaries, the company is strongly internationally cross-linked. Therefore, it is not uncommon that for instance a project contributor from the USA contributes to a project of an Italian or French subsidiary.

Besides merging data from different tools, one of the main challenges was a correct and efficient resource management. Furthermore, it was very difficult and labor-intensive to manage and visualize projects in a consistent way. In 2012, the EidosMedia GmbH, an independent German subsidiary of the Italian parent company EidosMedia S.p.A, had already recognized the necessity and benefits of a professional project management solution.


The Solution

After an intensive web research, EidosMedia GmbH Germany shortlisted ONEPOINT Projects among a few other project management solutions. A web presentation and a short test phase followed, which convinced in no time. EidosMedia GmbH Germany licensed ONEPOINT Projects after only one month. After a quick and uncomplicated rollout with a two-day-workshop, the key users of the German subsidiary were able to use ONEPOINT Projects and to train their project contributors inhouse.

Four years after the introduction of ONEPOINT Projects in Germany, the parent company EidosMedia S.p.A. established a pmo with responsibility for the whole Group to get a better overview of all international projects and portfolios. Most subsidiaries still struggled with double resource allocation and the resulting work overload. Furthermore, it was very labor-intensive for the PMO to control worldwide project data and to edit this data for the management board. Therefore in 2017 the decision was made to start with a group-wide rollout of a professional project management solution.

After an international tender, ONEPOINT Projects was chosen by EidosMedia one more time. The main reasons for this decision were not only the positive experience of the German colleagues and their professional knowledge grown over the last years, but also the bidirectional Jira Connector, as well as the REST API capability of ONEPOINT Projects.

The Jira Connector and the REST API capability allows contributors to work group-wide with their familiar tools, like Jira or EidosMedia’s inhouse developed time tracking tool.

Because of ONEPOINT’s clearly designed set-up, the worldwide rollout could be conducted completely inhouse. The PMO and other key users were briefed by their German colleagues via web meetings. In addition, processes and information were written down what can be accessed anytime by the respective team members.


The Benefit

International project data is now automatically gathered in ONEPOINT. This real-time data is a valuable controlling and decision basis for the PMO and the management board. With ONEPOINT, the PMO now has access to corporate-wide project data anytime and anywhere, as well as the possibility to inform the management board about the current status of portfolios, projects and resources at all times.

In addition, project managers and contributors do not have to cope with double allocation and work overloads through a transparent resource utilization view.

According to Maria Cleofe Merico, Head of PMO, the new project transparency has also a positive effect on the project managers’ workflow.

Fully managed by the PMO, project managers are now able to see not only their projects, but also other ones. So, project managers are motivated to consistently update and improve their project planning and execution.

ONEPOINT Projects is very customer-oriented. The support team is constantly in close dialogue with EidosMedia’s PMO. With new versions of ONEPOINT Projects, ONEPOINT will implement several feature requests of EidosMedia to further improve the current Jira-ONEPOINT integration and to ensure an even more efficient workflow.

The biggest benefit of ONEPOINT Projects is that I am now able to easily create reports and to check the current statuses of the projects and the pipeline at any time. Furthermore, I have the overview of all activities of the project managers and draw their attention to irregularities quickly.

Maria Cleofe Merico Head of PMO EidosMedia S.p.A.