November 03, 2020

Agile Project Management in Times of the Social Intranet

In order for your company to develop, new projects are definitely going to be started over and over again. This is exciting – and also a massive undertaking. It is not always easy to find a proper start. Fortunately, many companies are already using a tool that saves them a great deal of work in project management: their social intranet.

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October 01, 2020

The Timeline – Live Management Reporting at its Best

Management reporting is the primary source of information for all managers, stakeholders and decision-makers and therefore an essential success factor for every company. Naturally, digitization has also become an integral part of management reporting.

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July 09, 2020

Program management and the purpose behind it

What is program management, what are the tasks of a program manager and how can you differentiate it from multi-project and portfolio management?

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June 09, 2020

Part 4: Agile techniques and methods at a glance: Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a management tool that combines creative and analytical methods. It aims to release maximum creative potential among all stakeholders of an innovation project in order to systematically solve complex problems or tasks.

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May 19, 2020

Part 3: Agile techniques and methods at a glance: Kanban

The term Kanban comes from Japanese and consists of the words "Kan" for visualization and "Ban" for card, document or board. The best-known Kanban element is probably the Kanban board.

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May 05, 2020

Part 2: Agile techniques and methods at a glance: Scrum

The origin of agile methods (e.g. Scrum) lies in software development, where changes are often not only on the agenda, but can even represent a competitive advantage.

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Popular Project Management Terms

Gantt Chart  

In a Gantt chart (named after Henry Gantt) all work steps within a project are displayed as horizontal bars along a time axis. Thus, duration, overlaps and dependencies of all activities are visible at a glance. Gantt scheduling is one of the most common methods in project management.

Project Controlling  

Project controlling describes all activities that are necessary to control a project over its entire duration. Project controlling is therefore responsible for comparing the project goals, the planned budget and the defined quality with the current project, investigating deviations for their causes and proposing countermeasures.

Project Progress Report  

The progress of the project is documented in a progress report. The progress report contains important information on the status of the project, such as results achieved, (newly identified) risks, and forecasts on the further progress of the project in terms of costs, deadlines, and quality. It is repeated at regular intervals.

Project Status  

The project status represents the current status of the project. Often the project status is visualized by means of the three traffic light colors green (everything in order, no action required), yellow (action required), red (attention, urgent action required).

Status Report  

The status report is an important component of project controlling and is prepared at regular intervals. The project evaluation is often carried out using a so-called status traffic light (green, yellow, red).