March 24, 2019

PROJECTSuccess or How to Successfully Manage Projects

Projects have become an integral part of our lives - no matter if in private or professional life, projects are everywhere. Are you already planning your next vacation, or do you prefer to decide spontaneously or agile, as in the language of project management?

Gerald Aquila

Gerald Aquila

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Or are you currently in the midst of a difficult project, the stress level is increasing and might affect the company as a whole? In the end, we are often just happy that we can leave such projects behind us.

How Can PROJECTSuccess Help You to Successfully Manage Your Projects?

Project management is like a toolbox made up of various methods, instruments and work techniques. You only have to use them to the right extent at the right time. Or have you ever tried to hammer a nail with a drill?

At PROJECTSuccess, we will introduce and explain all the key tools, methods, and instruments that will help you manage your projects easier, more relaxed and ultimately, more successful. The focus is on hybrid project management, i.e. a "best-of" mix of traditional and agile methods. In addition, all important project management terms are briefly explained in our glossary.


PROJECTSuccess is thus aimed not only at project beginners, but also at experienced project managers or project team members who want to find out what’s new and refresh their knowledge.

By the way, we're supporting the KISS principle - keep it simple and "stupid" - which means that project management does not have to be complicated. Just read on and see for yourself!

Relevant Project Management Terms

Agile Project Management  

Agile project management is a collective term for different project management methods mainly originating from software development. Mostly they follow an iterative process, which means that the project is not planned and executed completely, but tasks and requirements are continuously rewritten allowing a more dynamic and flexible project management. Well-known agile project management methods include Kanban and Scrum.


A project is a goal-oriented, specific activity, with a start and end date. Taking into account a defined budget, a previously defined goal is to be achieved at a previously determined quality.

Traditional Project Management  

See classical project management