October 27, 2021

New Ways of Project Work with the Half Double Method

The Half Double methodology helps organizations reinvent their way of working with projects, increase the overall success rate of projects, and balance resources more effectively. Find out how to improve your daily project work using this innovative methodology.

Johanne Lyngsø Jensen

Johanne Lyngsø Jensen

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History of Half Double Institute

What is success? How can it be defined? When it comes to business, success is a difficult thing to pin down. Is a business successful if it meets its original goals? Is it only a success if it makes lots of money? Can a project be considered successful if it manages to deliver 50% of what it set out to achieve? If a project creates value, but it was unintentional, is the project a failure?

Defining success is problematic because it is a target that is always changing and moving. As businesses grow, targets change. Besides, external factors can cause a considerable shift and force a company to adopt a new approach and change the success target. This can make it difficult to achieve real success. When we define success, we make it harder to accomplish because everything else becomes a failure. In business, which is continuously moving and evolving, defining success is a sure-fire way of making it impossible to achieve.

When you consider this, it's no real surprise that only one-third of business projects meet their targets. However, things are changing. One organization saw this statistic and decided it wasn't good enough. They decided to find a new way to approach business projects that would increase the chance of success. They wanted to create a new method and framework that would allow businesses worldwide to redefine success and achieve their goals.

The meaning of Half Double: Half the time to achieve success but double the results.

And so, the Half Double Institute was born. Founded by a team of business experts in collaboration with academics from the Aarhus University, The Technical University of Denmark, and the Danish Industry Foundation, the Institute has developed a whole new way of managing projects which can bring the chance of success up to 70%. Some projects also cut their work time by half. Hence the name of the project.

How Is This Possible?

Part of the reason many business projects fail is because of the rigid, old-fashioned structure. This can restrict a project so that the passion, creativity, and ingenuity of the people involved cannot flourish. The Half Double methodology focuses away from the procedures and processes involved and places more focus on the people.

With people at the center, a project is able to adapt and thrive even as a business, and perhaps the original goal changes. Flexibility is at the heart of everything the Institute stands for.

The Half Double method uses three fundamental principles to drive a project to success: Impact, Flow, and Leadership. By focusing on the more considerable impact, the project has on the business's success, the Half Double method allows a project's success to be defined by how it contributes to the company as a whole. A project may change and develop to allow for changes in the wider business. By keeping an eye on the larger picture, the Half Double structure means success is flexible and easier to achieve.

The Half Double Model Figure 1: Three principles (© Half Double Institute)

The Half Double methodology also looks at the flow of the project framework. The rigid structure used in the past is often restrictive for new, modern projects. Many business structures were created in offices in the 1970s and 1980s and haven't really been updated since. With modern technology, this can mean an old framework actually prevents a project from flowing the way it should. The Half Double approach evaluates what works for a specific project and what doesn't. It looks at ironing out all the issues of using outdated techniques but hoping for modern results.

And finally, the Institute places a lot of focus on the project manager or leader. Many projects fail because the project manager is fantastic at one element but less competent in other areas. Just as the project manager needs to coax a team to success, so the project manager needs teaching. The Institute has developed a new style of leadership that can help keep team members focused and motivated while keeping the bigger picture in mind.

The Half Double approach is a fully customizable framework that can be adapted to fit different circumstances. This increases your chances of success from day one.

By allowing the team members and leaders to take control of the project in a new way, the Half Double method increases the chances of success. In an ever-changing world being driven by technology, rigid structures can no longer keep up with recent developments meaning projects can be doomed to failure from the start. The Half Double approach is a fully customizable framework that can be adapted to fit different circumstances.

Getting Started

Many companies are willing to invest in project management consultants or outside support for specific projects because they understand the importance of a project's success. The Half Double institute is not a consultancy agency that will come in for one project and leave. The Institute teaches a way of thinking which will have a long-term impact on how you conduct business. In addition, the Institute is a non-profit organization.

The Institute teaches you its methodology and framework and allows you to use it going forward. The approach is customizable to your business and your sector, so you can be sure you are getting a bespoke approach without a bespoke price tag. Using the Institute's methodology is an investment in your business's people; arguably the best investment you can make. Rather than working towards a set goal, the Half Double Institute encourages a new way of thinking and tackling projects, leading to results from beginning to end.

ONEPOINT Projects and Half Double Institute

Because the Half Double institute is at the forefront of pioneering new ways of thinking, it is always looking for new methods and teachable structures. The Institute is designed so that any business that has partnered with the Institute has access to a growing community of like-minded thinkers and all the resources needed to continue using the Half Double method in future projects.

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