Webinar with 2Corn (Official Scaled Agile Partner) And ONEPOINT Projects


SAFe Webinar


Are you ready to start your SAFe transformation?

In this webinar, you will learn how to implement the Scaled Agile FrameworkĀ® in your organization. You will get practical tips from Axel Straschil (official Scaled Agile Partner) to help you implement the framework successfully and without any problems. In addition, Gerald Aquila will give you first insights into ONEPOINT Projects' Enterprise Agile Option, with which you can effectively apply the principles and practices of the Essential SAFeĀ® configuration.

Learn how to implement SAFeĀ® effectively in our on-demand webinar for free.
Note that the webinar is in German.

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The Speakers

Axel Straschil ā€” Axel is a consultant, coach, and trainer at 2Corn. His goal is to get agile projects and transformations back on track in the DACH region. Axel helps companies achieve goals in time, scope, and budget and the right strategy in the background.

Gerald Aquila ā€” Gerald is founder and CEO of ONEPOINT Projects. His goal is to help teams make projects work by providing a hybrid project and portfolio management software solution that seamlessly combines agile and traditional projects.

This webinar aims at

  • Top-Level Management
  • Program Managers
  • Release Train Engineers (RTE)
  • Anyone who wants to introduce Scaled Agile in their company or is involved with this topic

More About ONEPOINT's Essential SAFe Implementation

ONEPOINT Projects provides Release Train Engineers with basic elements from the Essential SAFeĀ® framework in one software solution.

You can effectively plan, implement, control, and report Agile Release Trains with Program Increments (PI). The drag & drop PI Planning Board helps you deal with milestones and dependencies, and you can manage risks more efficiently with ONEPOINT's SAFe-compatible ROAM matrix.

Agile Release Train by ONEPOINT Figure 1: The Agile Release Train

Learn how to implement SAFeĀ® effectively in our on-demand webinar for free.
Note that the webinar is in German.

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Go Beyond Scaled Agile with ONEPOINT Projects

Naturally, not every of your company's projects will be agile. ONEPOINT's hybrid approach to project and portfolio management lets you combine traditional and agile projects in one place. The software solution also seamlessly integrates portfolio, resource, and strategic management and enables you to connect Jira and SAP to get the most out of your solution delivery.

ONEPOINT's PI Planning Board Figure 2: Preview for the PI-Planning Board in ONEPOINT Projects

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