ONEPOINT Projects 19 Reinvents Agile Project Management for Hybrid PPM

New integrated agile component introduces multi-sprint planning and dynamic forecasting

ONEPOINT Projects today launched version 19 of their award-winning hybrid project and portfolio management solution -- featuring an all-new, completely integrated agile planning and controlling component. The new version also features a "Timeline" view for live management-level reporting as well as a number of practical resource management improvements.

Integrated Agile Planning and Controlling

"Our new agile component is an integral part of ONEPOINT's Planning & Controlling Option and as such, enables true hybrid project portfolios for the first time," explained Gerald Aquila, founder & CEO of ONEPOINT. "Agile planning is now also fully integrated with our robust resource management capabilities allowing for automatic velocity calculation and agile resource forecasting."

Naturally, agile projects can optionally be linked to Jira projects or versions allowing for real-time integration with the Atlassian tool, as the new agile features are fully compatible with ONEPOINT's Jira Connector.

Kanban-style Sprint-Board & Epics/Stories Breakdown

Key features of the new agile component include a Kanban-style sprint board that allows for drag & drop sprint planning with a strong focus on planning more than one sprint into the future. The sprint board also facilitates sprint capacity optimization by displaying sprint utilization based on allocated story points and calculated velocity.

sprint-board (Photo: ONEPOINT Projects) The new Kanban-style sprint board in ONEPOINT Projects 19 supports fast drag & drop planning for multiple sprints. (Photo: ONEPOINT Projects)

Users will also love the interactive WBS-style "Epics" view that shows a breakdown of epics and stories that get automatically crossed off when stories get completed. Other new agile planning and controlling views include a story list and a burndown chart visualizing project or sprint progress over time.

Timeline & Capacity Reporting

ONEPOINT Projects 19 also comes with many other new features such as a "Timeline" view that enables project and program managers to easily create high-level timelines for management reporting based on their existing project plans. Other areas of improvements include a new capacity analysis view and drag & drop support for uploading file attachments.

timeline-view (Photo: ONEPOINT Projects) Management reporting made easy with the new “Timeline” view. (Photo: ONEPOINT Projects)


The new version is available immediately and can be tested on the US and European cloud servers via visiting In selecting the "Professional" plan to include the Planning & Controlling Option users will have access to the new agile and timeline features. Contact our sales team to enable Jira connectivity for your test site or for more information via email to

About ONEPOINT Projects

ONEPOINT Projects is the leading provider of easy-to-use, hybrid project and portfolio management solutions for modern project organizations. Unlike traditional PPM software, ONEPOINT Projects integrates simple, traditional, agile and Jira projects into a single project portfolio and resource utilization database. ONEPOINT enables project-oriented organizations to increase project and portfolio transparency, shorten project lead times, automate best practices and optimize resource utilization. By building on open standards and technologies, providing both cloud-based/SaaS and on-premise installations and with its strategic focus on making PM systems easy to deploy, ONEPOINT redefines ROI for project management solutions.

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