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Graz, November 16, 2011

Onepoint introduces Outlook Exchange Integration

New Exchange Connector Option provides direct access to tasks and time tracking from Microsoft Outlook and syncing of out-of-office absences.

Onepoint Software, the leading provider of integrated project and portfolio management (PPM) software, has just released its first version of the new Exchange Connector Option. Across industries Onepoint Project is known as one of the most easy-to-use PPM solutions with a solid feature set ranging from agile and formal project planning over monitoring and controlling to extensive reporting functions. The new connector allows Outlook Exchange users to interact with Onepoint tasks and availability settings conveniently from their Outlook desktop client.

The Exchange Connector provides three key integration points: access to tasks, time tracking directly from Outlook and synchronization of absences. Tasks are pushed from Onepoint to Exchange in real-time and, therefore, are available in the users' Outlook calendars. This also allows an easy synchronization with smartphones. An optional plug-in integrates Onepoint's easy-to-use time tracking feature seamlessly into an Outlook view. Finally, events marked as out-of-office in Outlook are automatically synced to periods of unavailability in Onepoint and can then be easily used in project scheduling. Users benefit from being able to apply their favorite desktop app for accessing their Onepoint tasks and tracking their project time. Also the fact that absences only have to be entered once and into a single system facilitates organization and project management.

The new connector also provides a good example of Onepoint's growing ecosystem of technology and solution partners, as it was developed jointly with Codebox, an IT consulting and integration firm based in Stuttgart, Germany. Codebox is a long standing Onepoint partner with substantial know-how in Microsoft technologies that is working with Onepoint on several ongoing integration projects.

"As early as in the 17th century John Donne made a point in stating: 'No man is an island'. The same is true for enterprise solutions today," said Gerald Aquila, founder and CEO of Onepoint. "Only through tight and real-time integrations with other enterprise-level systems can we create a true 360-degrees project management information system. Therefore, we see the JIRA and Exchange integrations only as a start."

The Exchange Connector Option requires Onepoint Project 10.3 Enterprise Server Update 1. Onepoint Project is available both as an OnDemand/SaaS subscription model and for in-house/on premise installation. Interested parties can experience the advantages of integrated agile and formal project management firsthand by requesting a free 30-day trial version via the Onepoint website ( In order to obtain more information about the new Exchange Connector Option, please contact the Onepoint team directly via or +43 699 17 17 17 22.

About Onepoint Software

Onepoint Software is the leading provider of integrated project and portfolio management solutions for innovative small and medium-sized businesses. Unlike traditional PPM software, Onepoint Project integrates formal, agile and JIRA projects into a single project portfolio and resource utilization database. Onepoint enables project-driven organizations to increase project and portfolio transparency, shorten project lead times, automate best practices and optimize resource utilization. By building on an open source foundation, providing both cloud-based/SaaS and on-premise installations and with its strategic focus on making PM systems easy to deploy, Onepoint redefines ROI for project management solutions.

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