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Graz, February 18, 2010

Onepoint Introduces Formal Project Management for the Desktop

New "Master Edition" extends Professional Edition by adding IPMA-compliant project controlling reports as well as program and risk management features

Onepoint Software, the leading vendor of easy-to-use enterprise project management (EPM) software, has released its newest desktop product today. The new "Master Edition" of Onepoint Project builds on the strengths of the Professional Edition and adds formal project management, controlling and risk management capabilities. The Master Edition is targeted at professional project management consultants and trainers, primarily for educating formal project management competencies in compliance with recommendations by the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

"We have been approached by a number of PM trainers and coaches lately who asked us to incorporate elements that are needed for educating people on formal project management - like project risk - into our desktop edition", says Onepoint CEO Gerald Aquila. "With the introduction of the Master Edition we have created a totally new product category: affordable, easy-to-use formal project management for the desktop."

In contrast to most other desktop-based project management applications, Onepoint Project Master Edition features an embedded database rather than using the file system directly. This allows for much better monitoring, analysis and reporting capabilities than previously possible for a desktop-based project management product. In order to take advantage of these additional capabilities, the Master Edition adds new information dimensions to the ones already present in the Professional Edition.

One of these dimensions is project risk: the Master Edition explicitly allows entering and tracking project risks in a version-controlled risk matrix. Another additional dimension is program management providing the possibility to split large programs or projects into a number of interlinked sub-projects. This improves both clarity and overview for complex projects and makes it easier to keep track of the overall project progress, e.g. via the integrated milestone trend analysis.

In order to even better support formal project management and controlling, the new Master Edition includes support for an explicit controlling cycle with multiple traffic lights across several reporting dimensions such as quality, effort, costs and dates. To round up the offering, the Master Edition also features four multi-section standard project-controlling reports that have previously only been available for the web-based Enterprise Edition in combination with the Controlling Cycle Option (CCO).

Onepoint's entry-level desktop version "Professional Edition" is available for EUR 149 plus taxes. The new "Master Edition" is priced at EUR 249 plus taxes and is available starting today on the Onepoint online store. The web-based Onepoint Project Group and Enterprise versions are downward compatible to the Professional and Master editions. Prices start at EUR 1,499 plus taxes. More information and free 60-day trial versions of Onepoints products are available on

About Onepoint Software

Onepoint Software is the first enterprise project management (EPM) software vendor offering both an on demand and an installed Web 2.0-based solution for the extended enterprise. Unlike traditional EPM software, Onepoint Project is known to be integrated, real-time, open, easy-to-use and fast to deploy. Onepoint enables project-oriented companies and departments to increase project and portfolio transparency, shorten project lead-times, automate best practices and reduce project risks. The ROI period of Onepoint Project is usually well below 12 months.

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