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Graz, June 23, 2009

Even Creativity Requires Planning: Onepoint Organizes FREITAG

After a successful pilot installation FREITAG, Zurich-based inventor of the famous "Individual Recycled Freewaybags", has chosen Onepoint Project Enterprise Edition for their multi-project management

Onepoint Software, the leading provider of easy-to-use enterprise project and portfolio management (PPM) software, has won FREITAG reference AG as yet another convinced customer. Initially the Swiss company had successfully tested the team-based entry-level version "Group Edition". Now the Onepoint Project Enterprise Edition is used company-wide. Represented worldwide with flagship stores and partner shops, FREITAG has been known for 15 years for their bags and accessories produced from recycled truck tarps and belts. The company uses Onepoint Project in the area of project management The Web-based Enterprise Edition is used by nine employees in about 60 projects.

Onepoint Project, Hagenberg Innovation Award Winner in 2008, is Web-based project leadership software optimized for collaboration across geographically separated teams. The software is renowned for its capabilities of saving administrative costs and strongly reducing project risk. It is especially designed for the requirements of medium to large project-driven departments and organizations. The solution incorporates comprehensive project and portfolio management features across the complete project lifecycle.

Innovative Project Management Software for an Innovative Company

The "creative chaos" is a cliché. And like most clichés it has an element of truth. "At FREITAG very talented and motivated people are working in product development. We want creativity to float freely. So we make sure that all administrative tasks are reduced to a minimum", said Johan Olzon, Managing Director of FREITAG reference AG. "Thanks to Onepoint, we can offer our creative team such a working environment and a great level of freedom. Onepoint helps us to better structure our projects, to make them more transparent and efficient."

"We have always been working very closely with our customers. That pays off more and more", said Gerald Mesaric, CEO of Onepoint Software GmbH who was a long-time project manager himself and knows about the key requirements for effective project management. "We are happy that we were able to win FREITAG reference AG as a customer of the Enterprise Edition after their successful long-term test of our Web-based entry-level version. We consider this an appreciation of our continuous good work."

Onepoint Project can be downloaded as a 30-day trial version from the Onepoint website at Open source versions of the core product are available via the leading open source portals and Google Code. In order to get access to optional modules like the new Risk Management or Issue Tracking options, potential customers are asked to contact Onepoint directly via email at

About Onepoint Software

Onepoint Software is the first project and portfolio management vendor offering both an on demand and an installed Web 2.0-based solution for the extended enterprise. Unlike traditional PPM software, Onepoint Project is known to be integrated, real-time, open, easy-to-use and fast to deploy. Onepoint enables project-oriented companies and departments to increase project and portfolio transparency, shorten project lead-times, automate best practices and reduce project risks. The ROI period of Onepoint Project is usually well below 12 months.

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