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Graz, May 26, 2009

Onepoint Completes 360 Degrees Enterprise Project Management Vision with New Release

Onepoint Project 9 adds support for flexible reporting as well as integrated risk management and issue tracking

Onepoint Software, the leading provider of easy-to-use enterprise project and portfolio management (PPM) software has made its new release Onepoint Project 9 available today. Beside further improvements to Onepoint's intuitive user interface, the new software version adds a highly flexible reporting component and provides optional modules for integrated risk management and issue tracking.

Many customers and prospects, especially from the manufacturing and banking industries, have requested simple integrated risk management and issue tracking for some time. With Onepoint's new optional modules, project-centric risk and issue management become as simple as they could possibly get, with all decision-relevant information being accessible through a single project database.

The most powerful change in the core product is the new custom report "wizard". This 5-step assistant allows every manager user of Onepoint Project to create and save her own report templates providing for a much more flexible and dynamic reporting experience. Custom reports can also be shared across teams or even across the entire project organization.

Furthermore, visualization of the project status has been significantly enhanced, for instance through a simple, but powerful traffic light system. This supports the portfolio and program managers in a way that the internal project status of many projects can be monitored more efficiently. In order to speed up bulk tracking of actual hours Onepoint's work slips have been completely redesigned and moved from a daily to a weekly view. A general "facelift" further improves the clarity of the user interface and speeds up access to decision-critical information.

"Besides ease-of-use, the second most important aspect of Onepoint Project has always been its vertically-integrated approach to enterprise project management providing a direct and real-time data link from the single project up to the multi-portfolio level," said Gerald Mesaric, founder and CEO of Onepoint. "By making risk management and issue tracking part of our Enterprise Edition we are completing our vision regarding a true 360 degrees project management information system."

The new release of Onepoint Project can be downloaded as a 30-day trial version from the Onepoint website at Open source versions of the core product will be available via the leading open source portal shortly. In order to get access to optional modules such as, e.g., the new Risk Management and Issue Tracking options, prospective customers should contact Onepoint directly via email at

About Onepoint Software

Onepoint Software is the first project and portfolio management vendor offering both an on demand and an installed Web 2.0-based solution for the extended enterprise. Unlike traditional PPM software, Onepoint Project is known to be integrated, real-time, open, easy-to-use and fast to deploy. Onepoint enables project-oriented companies and departments to increase project and portfolio transparency, shorten project lead-times, automate best practices and reduce project risks. The ROI period of Onepoint Project is usually well below 12 months.

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