Onepoint Wins Prestigious Hagenberg Software Quality Award

This year's main price for innovative software developments of exceptional quality goes to Onepoint Project

Onepoint Software, a leading vendor for project and portfolio management software (PPM) with headquarters in Graz, Austria, was handed the Softwarepark Hagenberg Award for their innovative product Onepoint Project yesterday. The award, originally initiated by well-known computer scientist Prof. Bruno Buchberger, the founder of Softwarepark Hagenberg and the RISC research institute, was created to honor innovative software developments of exceptional quality.

Onepoint Project is a commercial open source software solution that is focused on integrated single and multi-project planning, tracking, monitoring and controlling. The software is available in multiple languages and runs on all major computer platforms. Onepoint's PPM solution is especially known to be fast to deploy and easy to use. Thus, it not only appeals to IT departments, but also to other project-oriented departments such as, e.g., research, development and marketing.

"The whole team is very proud that we were selected by the jury for the main prize. The Hagenberg Award sets a standard for innovation and quality in Austria and also beyond the borders," says Gerald Mesaric, CEO of Onepoint. "We will continue to work hard to sustain or further extend the level of quality we have reached with Onepoint Project 8."

About Onepoint Software

Onepoint Software is the first project and portfolio management vendor offering both an on demand and an installed Web 2.0-based solution for the extended enterprise. Unlike traditional PPM software, Onepoint Project is known to be integrated, real-time, open, easy-to-use and fast to deploy. Onepoint enables project-oriented companies and departments to increase project and portfolio transparency, shorten project lead-times, automate best practices and reduce project risks. The ROI period of Onepoint Project is usually well below 12 months.

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