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Graz, February 28, 2008

Know-Center Selects Onepoint Project Companywide as their Integrated Project Management System

Project planning, time-tracking, monitoring and project controlling in one central project database

The Austrian competence centre for knowledge management Know-Center has selected the project leadership software Onepoint Project as their integrated project management solution, thereby consolidating their publicly funded with their commercial projects. By deploying the project leadership software the Know-Center expects to save time and reduce costs in project controlling as well as in reporting to funding institutions and project partners.

Onepoint Project is a web-based, operational project and portfolio management solution (PPM) that seamlessly integrates project planning, progress tracking, project monitoring, controlling and reporting. Onepoint's strengths include its ease of use for all team members on the project as well as quick, web-based access to project relevant information including frequently needed performance figures and plan/actual comparisons. The software supports single as well as multi project management requirements throughout the entire project life cycle.

The Know-Center uses Onepoint Project companywide, both for their publicly funded projects and for the management of commercial projects. For effective real-time project controlling all staff-members track their work time with Onepoint's "work slips" on basis of the planned tasks. Other key functionality include the work breakdown structure (WBS) visualizing the content-wise project progress, the integrated reporting system and the open database schema enableing efficient access to controlling data from Microsoft Excel.

"A very important aspect for our decision in favour of Onepoint was its simple and intuitive use," explained Dr. Erwin Duschnig, executive director at the Know-Center. "I have all booked working hours at my fingertips at any time; also plan/actual comparisons are much easier now. On top, Onepoint facilitates reporting to our funding institutions." Dr. Michael Granitzer, division head and project manager at the Know-Center said: "Knowledge management without Internet technologies has become unthinkable. Therefore, we only took web-based applications into consideration. Onepoint is an absolute expert in project management. It offers a mature solution for all our employees."

About Onepoint Software

Onepoint Software is the first vendor integrating project planning, controlling, monitoring and reporting into a single, easy-to-use, Web 2.0-based project leadership software solution for project-oriented companies. The open source approach and the consistent orientation to industry standards allow easy integration into existing IT infrastructure and business processes. Onepoint users get all project-related information up-to-date and target-oriented, thus increasing the transparency of projects. At the same time project risks and administrative costs are reduced.

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