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Graz, October 11, 2007

Systems 2007: Resource Placement Planning for the Project Organization Combines Skills Management with Utilization Analysis

New Skills Management Option by Onepoint helps to find the right project resources in a simple and efficient way

Onepoint Software GmbH with headquarters in Graz, Austria, introduces their new Skills Management module for project planning in late October at the Systems tradeshow in Munich. This optional component makes it possible to assess existing resources in project management according to their know how and skills and to connect them to a real-time utilization analysis across all projects. Through this, project and team managers can quickly find out what resources are when available and with what maximal availability they can be included into a new or ongoing project.

Onepoint Project is a Web-based project leadership solution that supports functions with practical relevance from project management, resource management and project controlling in an integrated fashion. Through easily accessible, up-to-date status information projects become more transparent and the project risk is lowered. In addition, project templates and the active involvement of all project stakeholders strongly reduce the administrative effort.

Scheduling the Know How of Employees in a Concerted Fashion

The first step in personnel placement planning is the compilation of a system-wide skills catalog. Therein, any number of skills can be created and while doing so, classified into categories. In the second step the people responsible for the resources, e.g., the team members, assign categorized skills to their resources and can also rate them using grade points. This integrated skills database allows executing queries for the availability of adequate resources in an easy way. Especially at the start of a new project this feature significantly accelerates the resource selection process.

"As soon as a development department or a service organization has reached a certain size I, as a team manager, cannot know anymore myself who can do what and how good they can do it", says Gerald Mesaric, CEO of Onepoint. "The new Skills Management Option takes on this problem and connects it with our resource utilization analysis. Through this, it is possible, e.g., in IT to easily find out if I have enough Java and Oracle-developers for the time interval of my next project and who exactly would be a good candidate for the job."

A pre-release of the Skills Management Option will be presented for the first time at the Systems tradeshow in the partner area of the IBM-booth in hall B2 from October 23 to 26 in Munich. Prospects are invited to actively provide feedback and suggestions for improvements.

About Onepoint Software

Onepoint Software is the first vendor integrating project planning, controlling, monitoring and reporting into a single, easy-to-use, Web 2.0-based project leadership software solution for high-tech companies. The open source approach and the consistent orientation to industry standards allow easy integration into existing IT infrastructure. Onepoint users get all project-related information up-to-date and target-oriented, thus increasing the transparency of projects. At the same time project risks and administrative costs are reduced.

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