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Graz, June 05, 2007

ecofinance Selects Onepoint Project as the Central System for the Project Organization

New system creates transparency in the project business - from initial offer to the point of acceptance

ecofinance Finanzsoftware & Consulting GmbH has selected Onepoint Project Team Edition as its new, leading system for putting their projects to work. Using Onepoint, the vendor of software solutions for finance management intends to control and implement their projects more efficiently. Onepoint represents web-based software for project leadership which connects project management and project controlling continuously. Using this innovative combination it is possible to make projects more transparent and at the same time to reduce project risk, administrative effort and costs.

ecofinance's new project leadership solution particularly supports a close integration with the existing ERP and quality management systems. This way multiple entries of project data can be avoided to a large extent. The core features of the new system are the planning, implementation, monitoring and controlling of the complete project business including the ongoing support and maintenance contracts. Onepoint thereby provides project leadership functionality on both the single project level and across multiple projects. In order to plan the potential resource utilization in a more realistic way, by the point of the offering phase of a customer project, resources are scheduled for the project plan. For this resource planning, the probability for winning the project is carried over from the sales system into the global resource planning of Onepoint Project.

"Three points were substantial for our decision in favor of Onepoint Project: The software is very easy to use, one quickly finds his way around and the technology is with Java and XML really future proof," said Thomas Putz, Head of Project Management at ecofinance and responsible for the selection process of the project leadership system. "From a functional point of view the interactive work breakdown structure was important for me, a very useful tool which makes it easier to plan and control our projects, and to communicate with our customers."

Werner Klinger, Head of Finance & Controlling, emphasizes: "Onepoint Project provides a very concise user interface: all numbers and sums are easily accessible and can be viewed anytime, this is extremely helpful for effective project monitoring and controlling."

About Onepoint Software

Onepoint Software is the first vendor integrating project planning, controlling, monitoring and reporting into a single, easy-to-use, Web 2.0-based project leadership software solution for high-tech companies. The open source approach and the consistent orientation to industry standards allow easy integration into existing IT infrastructure. Onepoint users get all project-related information up-to-date and target-oriented, thus increasing the transparency of projects. At the same time project risks and administrative costs are reduced.

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