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Graz, April 26, 2007

Onepoint joins the Open Solutions Alliance as the First German-speaking Member

Focus on the Exchange of Project Related Business Data

Onepoint Software GmbH based in Graz, Austria, has joined the Open Solutions Alliance (OSA) that was recently founded in the US with Onepoint being the first member from the German-speaking part of Europe. Onepoint is a project leadership software vendor enabling high tech companies to implement their projects efficiently. Using a new kind of connection between project management and project controlling, projects can be managed more transparently and at the same time project risks, administrative effort and costs can be reduced.

The OSA is a non-profit organization whose members actively work on Open Source software for enterprise usage, striving to proof that Open Source solutions are an effective alternative to proprietary business software. The founding members of the OSA are all well known Open Source software and consulting companies including JasperSoft, SpikeSource, OpenBravo, OSTG - hosting the developer platform Sourceforge - and Unsiys.

In addition, the OSA members focus on enhancing the interoperability between solutions, working on the connectivity and data exchange between Open Source applications.

One of the major reasons for Onepoint's decision to join the OSA was their commitment to more interoperability. The Austrian software vendor intends to actively contribute to OSA primarily in the area of exchanging project relevant business data. Beside other aspects, this includes the integration of scheduling applications.

"For us, it was especially important that the OSA is taking a very practical approach to the topic interoperability. Together we will work on integration possibilities that are easy to implement and that work", said Onepoint CEO Gerald Mesaric.

The newly elected board members Dominic Sartorio, Director Product Management at SpikeSource and President of the OSA, and Barry Klawans, CTO of JasperSoft and leading the OSA's Interoperability working group, both believe strongly in delivering value to customers.

"We are a group that produces results. In most cases, we simply need to encourage open source vendors to put the hooks in to support the standards that are already out there. We're not about spending many years producing arcane standards that look good on paper but are impossible to implement," says Barry.

"We are a pragmatic group, leveraging existing standards and a hands-on approach to interoperability. We look forward to working with Onepoint to drive this in the area of project management and scheduling interoperability," said Dominic.

About Onepoint Software

Onepoint Software is the first vendor integrating project planning, controlling, monitoring and reporting into a single, easy-to-use, Web 2.0-based project leadership software solution for high tech companies. The open source approach and the consistent orientation to industry standards allow easy integration into existing IT infrastructure. Onepoint customers get all project-related information up-to-date and target-oriented, thus increasing the transparency of the project while reducing project risks and administrative costs at the same time.

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