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Graz, February 27, 2007

Controlling Project Dynamics Effectively with New Open Source Software Onepoint Project

Product version 07 as Open Edition and Team Edition available now

Onepoint Software GmbH based in Graz, Austria, officially released its new version of the Project Leadership Software Onepoint Project 07. Onepoint Project is a project leadership software solution that enables high tech companies to implement their projects efficiently. Using a new kind of connection between project management and project controlling, projects can be managed more transparently and at the same time project risks, administration effort and costs can be reduced.

The new product version adds multi-project management functions, like plan-actual comparisons and a graphical project pipeline, to the former version. In addition, Onepoint Project 07 brings along a dynamic component for the first time: via the so called ad hoc tasks it is possible to include "spontaneous tasks" into the project controlling and project completion without gathering them explicitly in the project plan beforehand.

Furthermore, some requests from customer projects were incorporated into the standard version. For instance, beyond single resources, the resource utilization diagram now also shows the sum of utilization across resource pools. Moreover, the work breakdown structure includes the sum of planned effort and costs. Onepoint has also improved the administration of the tool, e.g., by adding to ability to easily create logical backups in XML-format.

"According to analysts like Gartner, companies around the world are getting more and more dynamic and project orientated. Virtual teams, projects and customized processes increasingly replace rigid department and process structures", states Gerald Mesaric, CEO of Onepoint. "Onepoint Project 07 helps to monitor and manage the project environment without increasing the administrative effort."

About Onepoint Software

Onepoint Software is the first vendor integrating project planning, controlling, monitoring and reporting into a single, easy-to-use, Web 2.0-based project leadership software solution for high tech companies. The open source approach and the consistent orientation to industry standards allow easy integration into existing IT infrastructure. Onepoint customers get all project-related information up-to-date and target-oriented, thus increasing the transparency of the project while reducing project risks and administrative costs at the same time.

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