We Present Our Exciting Plans for 2021



Take a Look at Our Exciting Roadmap for 2021

We'd love to provide some insights into our roadmap for 2021: there will be improvements for Enterprise Agile Planning, major features in ONEPOINT Projects 21, and exciting ONEPOINT ME improvements.

Like every year, we want to challenge ourselves and develop new exciting features. As always, we incorporate a lot of feedback from our customers to improve our software solutions continuously. We will be focusing, in particular, on the following three topics:

New Agile Features

We take another step towards integrating new agile features into our project and portfolio management software. Therefore, we will be focusing on Enterprise Agile Planning and Scaled Agile as well as improving the usability of agile planning. Check out our agile solutions for hybrid project and portfolio management in Jira as well.

ONEPOINT Projects 21

With ONEPOINT Projects 21, we are further developing exciting features around the project life cycle. We will integrate the project closure report as a business object into the software and make it ready-to-use during project execution, e.g., to enter lessons learned. Additionally, there will be improvements in change requests and general enhancements for ultra-light workflows. The new release will further include major changes in the permission system that allows entering project roles manually and deciding on their permissions within the software. We would also like to point out that the reason why we are calling this new version ONEPOINT Projects 21 is because of its release in 2021.


We are also focusing on major improvements in the ONEPOINT ME app. The time tracking feature will be improved for excellent usability, and there will be new work management features. The new ONEPOINT ME app is also designed similarly to the web version of ONEPOINT Projects, allowing us to bring the two tools closer together. As we did with the ONEPOINT 360 dashboard app, we will technically redevelop this app. It features our next-generation user interface technology, which is why an update won't suffice for our improvements. To get an idea of the new user interface, check out ONEPOINT 360 on Android or iOS.

If you have any questions about our roadmap, feel free to contact us via mail at

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