ONEPOINT Projects Introduces Next Generation of Portfolio Dashboard Apps

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The ONEPOINT 360 app now supports more detailed overviews, portfolio navigation, project charter, and more

ONEPOINT Projects introduces a major new release of ONEPOINT 360, its offline-capable project portfolio dashboard app. Available for Android and iOS, the app now allows navigating between different portfolios. It also displays detailed overviews, including a more complete dashboard, improved project lists, project pipeline, multi-project schedule, and KPIs. This latest version also provides more detailed information on project level via the newly integrated project charter.

Portfolio Navigation and More Views

"Our customers run many projects in parallel and need quick access to key project information on the go, in meetings, or while on a plane," explains Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO of ONEPOINT Projects. "Version 2.0 of our app ONEPOINT 360 makes it easier for them to manage their programs and portfolios, allowing for better navigation and faster access to more detailed information anytime and anywhere."

With ONEPOINT 360, users can easily navigate between different portfolios, screening key data at portfolio level as they are used to from the web interface. In general, the new app version offers nearly complete read-only functionality at portfolio level. The previous release only displayed a single dashboard for all portfolios with a lot less information.

Screenshot_Dashboard Figure 1: Dashboard

Detailed Insights on Portfolio Level

ONEPOINT provides a comprehensive single point of access via its new integrated project list. Managers are now able to check effort, cost plan/actual comparison tables, as well as status and progress monitoring information for each portfolio at a glance. The app also shows any customized view types previously created via the web application, delivering a fully personalized portfolio overview for each organization.

In addition to a more comprehensive portfolio dashboard, ONEPOINT 360 users can also view KPIs at portfolio level if they licensed the Portfolio Analysis Option. The new app further includes the well-received project pipeline and multi-project schedule for each portfolio. Therefore, Release 2.0 of ONEPOINT 360 features a very comprehensive overview, very close to the user experience in the web application, with the "Analyze" view being already planned for one of the next updates.

Project Charter and New User Interface

ONEPOINT 360 now also includes the project charter for each project providing management with access to more details such as goals and non-goals, main tasks, resources, costs, and project team. Furthermore, the app is based on ONEPOINT's next-generation user interface. Thus, it provides some early insights into the web user interface's future and offers a smoother and more transparent offline experience.


The latest version of ONEPOINT 360 is available immediately and can be downloaded from the Android Playstore and iOS Appstore, respectively. The new app uses our latest GraphQL-based APIs and requires at least ONEPOINT Projects Server 19.1 when deploying ONEPOINT on-premise. Further information is available at or

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