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Where can project managers find suitable software solutions and why is it essential to review software? Learn more:

Since there is a lot of project management software out there, we thought it might help people looking for their perfect software solution to be on relevant software directories. On these websites, people share their experiences with project management and other software to make the evaluation process for everyone more comfortable.

The following websites can be characterized as a community-driven effort to find the perfect solution faster.

SourceForge: Get a $10 Voucher with a Review

Write a review about ONEPOINT Projects on SourceForge und teilen Sie hilfreiche Erkenntnisse über unsere Softwarelösungen. Die ersten zehn Rezensionen erhalten einen $10 Gutschein (Amazon, Starbucks, u.v.m.) als Entschädigung für Ihre Zeit.

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We are also on Serchen

We’d love to hear about your experiences with our services in a review for ONEPOINT Projects on Serchen. We are always keen on getting feedback and take it very seriously to make our ONEPOINT Projects software solutions even better.


Reasons why you should review ONEPOINT Projects:

  • Help others find suitable solutions
    You can help other companies find their project and portfolio management solutions more quickly without struggling through hundreds of results from search engines.
  • Qualified feedback from real users
    Only users who have used the software or are still using it, are allowed to review it.
  • Insights with pros and cons from practice
    You get honest opinions and experiences with the software.
  • Feedback helps for improvement
    Your opinion is also valuable to us, and we always try to incorporate our customers’ feedback.

Have you already seen our badges from previous ratings like Capterra, Gartner, or SoftwareReviews? Head over to and find out more about them.

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