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Take advantage of the benefits of combining different tools with ONEPOINT

We want to enable our customers to work with ONEPOINT Projects in the best possible way. For this reason, we offer many integrations of leading enterprise applications with our project management software.



With ONEPOINT's bidirectional (two-way) integration of Atlassian's Jira, project managers and team members can plan and execute projects in both tools and leverage from their advantages. Project managers get an overview of Jira projects in ONEPOINT Projects, while team members can continue to work in Jira. All data is automatically transferred in real-time, and information only needs to be entered once on either side. By incorporating the synced data into ONEPOINT's integrated project database, visual resource planning, resource utilization analysis, status reporting, and much more becomes possible for Jira projects.

To learn more about ONEPOINT's Jira integration, download the whitepaper Hybrid PPM for Jira.

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The Confluence Connector allows for embedding real-time project and portfolio management information into Atlassian’s Confluence. Project managers get an overview of portfolios, including their project pipeline as well as work breakdown structures (WBS) and Gantt Charts on project level.

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Get real-time team communication via ONEPOINT’s integration with Slack. Your team can easily create to-dos and activities within a Slack conversation that are automatically transferred to ONEPOINT Projects. Team members can also stay up to date with all activity stream events by linking your projects with Slack channels.

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Enhance your SAP with a seamless bidirectional (two-way) integration with ONEPOINT Projects. The connector enables the synchronization of standards-based project and portfolio management as well as resource management from SAP. Project managers can profit from an automatic synchronization of projects, work breakdown structure (WBS) elements, time-tracking data, cost and resource planning data, and human resource data between SAP and ONEPOINT. The connector works as a toolbox that is individually customizable to your needs.

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With our GraphQL API, we also offer the possibility to link various external systems with ONEPOINT Projects. Our latest user interface technology helps you optimize interfaces to adapt ONEPOINT Projects to your needs.

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If you want to know more about ONEPOINT's options and integrations, contact us via email.

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