onepoint's Enterprise Cloud/Server versions allow you to license additional, optional modules that are called "Options". Optional modules provide functionality that is important for many of our customers, but probably not for everyone. Options allow us to keep our core product simple and clear.

Portfolio Analysis Option PAO

The Portfolio Analysis Option facilitates the alignment of projects to strategic goals. Projects can be rated using both manual and dynamic criteria linked to real-time project fields. Users can analyze on the company and portfolio levels using different scoring models, tabular views, bubble charts, and a new and unique project symbol visualization.

Datasheet: Portfolio Analysis Option

Program Management Option Program Management

Complex projects cannot be efficiently planned by using a single project plan. Onepoint's Program Management Option allows you to split projects into a number of sub-projects with individual sub-project managers who can decide which activities are visible in the master project plan.

Controlling-Cycle Option Controlling-Cycle

The Controlling-Cycle Option provides you with an effective way to make sure that regular and explicit project controlling gets really done by your project managers. The resulting controlling sheet is then associated with the project plan version in question (traceability).

Datasheet: Controlling Cycle Option

Risk Management Option Risk Management

The Risk Management Option provides the project manager with the ability to manage a version-controlled risk matrix for each project including risk description, probability and impact. Optionally, global risk categories can be defined in order to make risks comparable across projects.

JIRA Connector Option JIRA Connector

The JIRA Connector Option allows real-time syncing of selected projects in JIRA with Onepoint's Products area. By integrating the synced data into our enterprise project database we can extend JIRA seamlessly with PMI/IPMA project management and resource scheduling.

Datasheet: JIRA Connector Option

Agile Planning Option Agile Planning

Our Agile Planning Option allows you to plan and execute agile projects seamlessly embedded into a dynamic PMI/IPMA multi-project monitoring, controlling and resource management environment. Harness the power of integrated agile PM - also with JIRA.

Skills Management Option Skills Management

The Skills Management Option allows you to define any number of skills and skill categories inside your project repository. You can then use these skills to find resources on the basis of their skills and experiences as well as their availability across all projects.

Exchange Connector Option Exchange Connector

The new Exchange Connector Option provides push-synchronization of Onepoint tasks to Microsoft Exchange. In addition, out-of-office time can be synced back to Onepoint in the form of unavailability periods and an optional plug-in provides direct access to time tracking from Outlook.

Datasheet: Exchange Connector Option

Options are only available for the Enterprise Server/Cloud and are licensed separately

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