onepoint PROJECTS Enterprise Cloud/Server is licensed on a named user basis. You can choose between an "average user" model with a single per-user price, or a role-based user model with role-based pricing. The average user model provides maximum flexibility, the role-based licensing model can be cheaper if you have more than four times project contributors compared to project and team managers.

Enterprise Cloud/Server User Roles & Functionality

Observer User Contributor User Manager User Average User
Web-based access via major browsers Yes Yes Yes Yes
View information based on access permissions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Execute built-in and custom reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Collaborate on tasks, track time and progress Yes Yes Yes
Enter comments, discussion articles and documents Yes Yes Yes
Create and manage projects and resources Yes Yes
Create and maintain project plans Yes Yes
Create and manage project templates Yes Yes
Create and submit controlling sheets Yes Yes
Create and edit custom reports Yes Yes

When choosing the role-based licensing model, observer users are not counted for options (optional modules).

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