Feature Overview

onepoint PROJECTS provides many practical features that help you in everyday project and portfolio management. Every feature is designed to be IPMA, PMI, and PRINCE2 standards compliant and as powerful as possible without making it complicated to use. Our key design goals are clarity and ease of use.

Project Pipeline Project Pipeline

The project pipeline provides a great way to view all relevant information across your ongoing projects in a single, accessible chart. By organizing projects into a pipeline of stages the dynamics of your project organization become transparent.

Work Breakdown Structure Work Breakdown Structure

Do not get caught in the "time trap". Focusing too early on the schedule is known to distract you from your key project goals. The work breakdown structure (WBS) helps you to focus in the early stages of project planning.

Milestone Trend Analysis Milestone Trend Analysis

Plans do change and milestones get delayed. The problem most of the time is that you cannot tell early enough which milestones will hold and which ones will not. onepoint's integrated milestone trend analysis chart helps you with that.

Cost Baseline Cost Baseline

Project managers often "drown" in cost controlling Excel sheets. onepoint PROJECTS lends a helping hand by seamlessly integrating an efficiently editable cost baseline with other planning tools such as a work breakdown structure and a GANTT-schedule.

Documents and Links Documents and Links

Compared to other project management applications, onepoint goes one step further. It not only allows you to add documents to projects, but also to individual phases and work packages. You can even attach documents to project templates.

Project Traffic Light Traffic Light

All multi-project overviews feature simple, but powerful project traffic lights. The status of the main traffic light can be set by the project manager and indicates the internal overall status of the project. In addition, the project status color is visualized in the multi-project schedule.

Custom Fields Custom Types

We believe that software has to adapt to enterprises and not vice-versa. This is why we added custom types and fields for all major business objects in the project repository: Create custom fields for projects, portfolios, resources, pools and activities.

Resource Utilization Resource Utilization

Especially in today's dynamic project environments, resources are often shared across projects making resource utilization monitoring quite complex. onepoint PROJECTS takes on this problem by providing an easy-to-access utilization view across all projects.

Schedule (GANTT) GANTT/Schedule

If you are planning dates and dependencies then the project schedule is the right tool for you. onepoint's GANTT chart feature adds color in order to let you categorize your phases and work packages and improve the clear view of your schedule.

Project Templates Project Templates

onepoint's project templates allow you to mix mandatory and optional elements. Therefore, they can be used both to jump-start projects and to comply with internal or industry-specific standards.

Plan/Actual Comparisons Plan/Actual Comparisons

onepoint PROJECTS is more than just a project planning tool. An integrated cost baseline, actual time and cost tracking as well as easily accessible plan/actual comparisons make it the ideal tool for constantly monitoring the key parameters of your projects.

Activities and Comments Tasks and Comments

Most classical project and task management applications force you to choose between a planned and a dynamic approach to project planning. onepoint goes one step further and combines these two aspects of planning by adding ad hoc activities and comments.

Configurable E-Mail Alerts E-Mail Alerts

onepoint PROJECTS provides many e-mail alerts in order to provide pro-active monitoring information about your projects, portfolios and resources. All alerts can be easily configured per project role (from administrator to observer).

Custom Reports Report Wizard

The report wizard allows manager users to create their own tabular reports simply via point & click. These custom reports can then be saved and shared with other users or groups within the project organization. Custom reports support grouping, sorting and filtering.

* Options are only available for Enterprise Server/Cloud versions and are licensed separately

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